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Meeting Management Planning

We have acquired 30 years of top notch experience in the industry and now have an in-market existence in countries all over the world.

Corporate Planners Unlimited has the perfect tools and the capabilities for organizing corporate events and meetings on local, regional and international scales all over the world.

Welcome to Our Website!

Experience is a major strong point of Corporate Planner Unlimited and we have acquired more than 30 years of success in the industry. Our range of services have been delivered to the biggest names in the business world and include:

  • Corporate Travel
  • Meeting Management
  • Event Planning

If you think that is impressive then you will be blown away by how efficient and brilliant we are! Our teams have acquired success and experience all over the world, which places us magnificently to fulfill all your needs. Call us now and experience the best in the business in action!

Exemplary Travel Agency Support!

The average business traveler spends more than one hour booking each flight. Corporate Planners Unlimited is a friendly, caring, corporate travel service that saves your employees time and company money, while providing reporting and transparency on travel expenditures.
Our professional travel counselors will work with your employees develop a custom itinerary, navigate the airline reservation systems, and select the ideal flights at attractive prices.
We also help your company optimize travel dollars, through our car rental discount programs, hotel discount programs, and consolidator travel discounts.

* All group travel group data collection and group reservation systems all maintained in house for security

* Our 24 hour and seven customer care goes to a direct agent who knows YOUR Travel.

* Our corporate travel fee structure is far less than any others! Call Us to compare our “One price per itinerary” Pricing (not per flight or car rental or hotel booking) for HUGE SAVINGS!

“Last night my flight was cancelled so I called Corporate Planners Ulimited and they helped me to get a hotel for the night, figure out the best option for getting to my meeting this morning, and walked me through all the steps. It was so nice to know you are there to help!
– Anne K. Lorio – Bioness Inc.

The Innovative Team!

Innovation is something that we are very good at and our team of Travel Experts and Consultants will provide you with their expertise and share their experience with you in order to ensure that you have nothing to complain about. Our team is trained and well equipped to provide you with meticulous and efficient services related to flights and fares. Watch in wonder as we work to provide you with all our 30 years of experience so that you can revel in our top-notch services.

Meeting Production Experts!

There is hardly anyone better than us when it comes to meeting management. This is a niche that we have worked extremely hard at and you experience the brilliance of our team in action. Allow us to provide you with engaging, enlightening, unique and fresh suggestions for all sorts and types of situations imaginable. We never let our standards drop and we keep getting better in order to ensure that all of our clients get the very best event management services, as we are the market leaders and the experts in this industry!

CPU Will Lead The Way

Need to plan a corporate event or meeting? Well, this seems to be your lucky day, as that is out forte! We are proud to offer our clients with Destination and Global Meeting services of the highest standard imaginable. Experience perfection and let our skilled team handle and plan your corporate meetings and events today! Need to plan or organize a corporate event? Call us now and get ready to experience perfection!

Meet The Professionals!

Corporate Planners Unlimited takes pride in delivering the highest standard of quality in terms of services to all our clients. We have built concrete relationships with Global hospitality Vendors who represent the biggest brands as well as their independent properties from all over the world. Meet our professional teams and watch in fascination as we work to make sure that your dreams come to fruition!

Nothing but the Best!

We take pride in our corporate planning services, as we look to provide you with the very best in terms of our capabilities and services.

We look after every little detail, which includes optimization and implementation of different programs so that you can achieve the desired results of your business.

You can maximize your business potential and achieve your goals on a much larger scale with Corporate Planners Unlimited, since we only strive to provide you with nothing but the best!

Customized NON profit Management solutions!

Customized Non profit management for corporate/association sponsored Charities focusing and providing planned fund raisers and donation opportunities under the guidance of the corporation and or association so that a very large percentage of the funds collected are actually assigned to the areas within the charity that the funds are provided to support.

We are an approved 501C3 Non profit Charitable Management company – 2014.