Recognize your employees

Recognize your employees and keep your sales team in place!!

President’s Club & Chairman’s Club Experts!

We have been given wonderful opportunities to plan a multitude of Recognition and Incentive programs for corporations that have taken us all over the globe to the delight and success of our clients. So many of them build great products but retention of their trained sales team is challenging and our clients have discovered how important it is to offer an annual Award Program that is so unique and special, that most or many will never have the opportunity to do it on their own.

We have stayed at every great resort in each of the destinations they asked for: from Rio and The Copa Cabana Resort on the beach, to The Palace in Johannesburg Africa, to Vienna in Austria, to Sydney in Australia and even beyond to Christ Church in New Zealand and back on down to Hong Kong, in Japan and Moorea in the French Polynesian Islands to name a few.

These customized program adventures are built around the profiles of the winners to assure we design unique and extraordinary experiences that the general public won’t ever get to see. We include team-building but in a way that brings life and fun to a themed destination designing programs that really encourage great interaction between everyone, on all teams.

New winners are instantly part of the group and well many of the programs have winners that have won for well over 10 years, never missing and never leaving their positions as they are experiencing the world in a way very few ever get to do, the newer winners are then enveloped in this special group of winners and of course they too simply must win again, year after year.

We would love to design those kinds of experiences for your company whether incentive driven programs and or even to reconsider changing up those National Sales meetings that are just not that exciting anymore. New suggested formats, seating set ups and even locations that everyone will come in with a new appreciation for what they are about to learn and hear and will meet your budget and keep you IRS compliant.

We are waiting for your call…limited space for the right clients.